Digitrax Utility Throttles

To clarify the differences between the various throttles, I have put together tables that summarize their features. In some cases, the information I present conflicts with what is on Digitrax's own specification sheets from their web site. In such cases, this is because I have determined the values in the table from direct observation.

This table is not intended to describe the specific features in detail-- it is a comparison table, not advertising material or user instructions. I have deliberately chosen to omit the CT4 throttle, as it is not a LocoNet compatible device and has no use on current Digitrax-equipped layouts.

A "utility" throttle is any Digitrax throttle that has no display and is designed primarily to just run trains.

Digitrax's "advanced" throttles are described on a page of their own.

Manufactured 1995-
Native 2-Digit/4-Digit Addressing 2/41 2/42 2/42 2/4
Number of Functions Supported3 5 6 6 13
Direction control switch Button Toggle Toggle Toggle
Infrared Wireless Capability - - -
Simplex Radio Capability Available (R)4 - - -
Duplex Radio Capability Available (D)4 - - -
Ability to Program Decoders - - 5 -
Highest Stationary Decoder Address - 99 99 -
Throttle Knobs 2 1 1 1
Track Power On/Off - -
Indicator for Multiple Throttles Controlling Same Loco6



1 The BT2 cannot directly dial up a locomotive or consist, but acquires control over the last locomotive or consist dispatched by an "advanced" throttle.  
2 UT1 and UT2 throttles can directly dial-up locomotives numbered 0-98 using their encoders, or can acquire locomotives or consists dispatched by an "advanced" throttle. When acquiring locomotives or consists that have been dispatched, the locomotives can have two-digit or four-digit numbers.  
3 Counting reversible headights (F0) as a single function.  
4 This row indicates whether the throttle was ever sold with that capability, or whether a radio upgrade was available at one time. It does not necessarily mean that a radio upgrade is currently available from Digitrax.  
5 The UT2's programming capability is extremely limited in that it is only able to program CVs 0 through 99, and then only to set them to values 0 through 99.  
6 On utility throttles, this is indicated by a red light when trying to select a locomotive or consist.  


--Fritz Milhaupt, Dec. 2016


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