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This page serves no purpose other than to act as a jumping-off point for the several sites I maintain.



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The Official Pere Marquette Historical Society Web Site
I started out innocently contributing modeling articles to the PMHS, and it kind of, well, snowballed...

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Rails on Wheels
The official web site of Rails on Wheels, Washtenaw County, Michigan's HO scale modular model railroad club.

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The Operations Road Show
The ongoing story of our HO scale project layout, based on the Wabash Railroad in Indiana in 1964, which is designed to teach model railroaders timetable and train order operation.

Fritz's DCC Notes
Various notes and observations I've collected regarding DCC, specifically using Digitrax command station and throttle hardware.

Chesapeake & Ohio Notes
Various notes I've assembled to help with modeling Chesapeake & Ohio locomotives and rolling stock.

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Decal Projects
I formerly offered HO, N and O scale model railroad decals for Pere Marquette, Manistee & North Eastern and Ann Arbor Railroad models, but now arrange special decal projects here.

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Fritz's House o' Model Billboards
An experiment in downloadable free scale model railroad billboard artwork.

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The Unofficial Dave Davies Solo Tour FAQ
More than most people would ever want to know about the solo shows performed by one of my favorite rock and roll musicians. Produced jointly with my wife, Leslie Ohanian.

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The Haggis Decal Project
An experiment in distributing model railroad decal artwork over the Internet, combined with the longest-running joke in the rec.models.railroad Usenet newsgroup.



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